The Future of Spree and the Future of Solidus

Spree Commerce, the company that has stood behind Spree OSS over the past years has announced that it will stop investing in the open source project and that there currently is no core team. We — the developers at Bonobos and Stembolt (formerly FreeRunning Technologies) — forked Spree and called it Solidus.

We believe that Solidus is the future of the Spree open source project and that it should power your production stores as it does ours. Why? Let’s look at some of the improvements we’ve already shipped:

We run our stores on Solidus; and are powered by the head of our master branch. This helps explain our vision for this project:

But don’t take our word for it: Check out our GitHub page. You’ll see an active community and a stable core team of six — John Hawthorn of Stembolt even works on Solidus full-time. There are lots of great-quality pull requests — from Bonobos (12 developers) and Stembolt (17 developers) as well as from the wider community. You’re also invited to join our discussions in our public Slack channel.

As excited as we are about the future of Solidus, we are enormously grateful to Spree Commerce and all the developers that contributed to Spree over the years. Solidus would not be possible without their help. Thank you!

The Solidus core team

Jordan Brough
Clarke Brunsdon
John Hawthorn
Gregor MacDougall
Andrew Thal
Magnus von Koeller