Version 1.3.0

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Introducing Solidus 1.3.0, the "international" release

This release introduces major changes intended to better support VAT taxation and per-country pricing. Martin's SolidusConf 2016 talk gives an introduction to these changes and their motivation. A blog post focusing on upgrading is to come.

This release includes 1075 commits from 39 different authors. Thanks to everyone who contributed, tested, or provided feedback for this release.


  • Order now requires a store_id in validations

    All orders created since Spree v2.4 should have a store assigned. A migration exists to assign all orders without a store to the default store.

    If you are seeing spec failures related to this, you may have to add let!(:store) { create(:store) } to some test cases.

  • Deprecate Spree::TaxRate.adjust, remove Spree::TaxRate.match

    The functionality of Spree::TaxRate.adjust is now contained in the new Spree::Tax::OrderAdjuster class.

    Wherever you called Spree::TaxRate.adjust(items, order_tax_zone), instead call!.

    Spree::TaxRate.match was an implementation detail of Spree::TaxRate.adjust. It has been removed, and its functionality is now contained in the private method Spree::Tax::TaxHelpers#applicable_rates(order).

  • Allow more options than current_currency to select prices

    Previously, availability of products/variants, caching and pricing was dependent only on a current_currency string. This has been changed to a current_pricing_options object. For now, this object (Spree::Variant::PricingOptions) only holds the currency. It is used for caching instead of the deprecated current_currency helper.

    Additionally, your pricing can be customized using a VariantPriceSelector object, a default implementation of which can be found in Spree::Variant::PriceSelector. It is responsible for finding the right price for variant, be it for front-end display or for adding it to the cart. You can set it through the new Spree::Config.variant_price_selector_class setting. This class also knows which PricingOptions class it cooperates with.

    Deprecated methods:

    • current_currency helper
    • Spree::Variant#categorise_variants_from_option
    • Spree::Variant#variants_and_option_values (Use Spree::Variant#variants_and_option_values#for instead)
    • Spree::Core::Search::Base#current_currency
    • Spree::Core::Search::Base#current_currency=

    Extracted Functionality:

    There was a strange way of setting prices for line items depending on additional attributes being present on the line item (gift_wrap: true, for example). It also needed Spree::Variant to be patched with methods like Spree::Variant#gift_wrap_price_modifier_in and is generally deemed a non-preferred way of modifying pricing. This functionality has now been moved into a Gem of its own to ease the transition to the new Variant::PriceSelector system.

  • Respect Spree::Store#default_currency

    Previously, the current_currency helper in both the core and api gems would always return the globally configured default currency rather than the current store's one. With Solidus 1.3, we respect that setting without having to install the spree_multi_domain extension.

  • Persist tax estimations on shipping rates

    Previously, shipping rate taxes were calculated on the fly every time a shipping rate would be displayed. Now, shipping rate taxes are stored on a dedicated table to look up.

    There is a new model Spree::ShippingRateTax where the taxes are stored, and a new Spree::Tax::ShippingRateTaxer that builds those taxes from within Spree::Stock::Estimator.

    The shipping rate taxer class can be exchanged for a custom estimator class using the new Spree::Appconfiguration.shippingratetaxer_class preference.

    In order to convert your historical shipping rate taxation data, please run
    rake solidus:upgrade:one_point_three - this will create persisted taxation notes for historical shipping rates. Be aware though that these taxation notes are estimations and should not be used for accounting purposes.

  • Deprecate setting a line item's currency by hand

    Previously, a line item's currency could be set directly, and differently from the line item's order's currency. This would result in an error. It still does, but is also now explicitly deprecated. In the future, we might delete the line item's currency column and just delegate to the line item's order.

  • Taxes for carts now configurable via the Spree::Store object

    In VAT countries, carts (orders without addresses) have to be shown with adjustments for the country whose taxes the cart's prices supposedly include. This might differ from Spree::Store to Spree::Store. We're introducting the cart_tax_country_iso setting on Spree::Store for this purpose.

    Previously the setting for what country any prices include Spree::Zone.default_tax. That, however, would also implicitly tag all prices in Spree as including the taxes from that zone. Introducing the cart tax setting on Spree::Store relieves that boolean of some of its responsibilities.

  • Make Spree::Product#prices association return all prices

    Previously, only non-master variant prices would have been returned here. Now, we get all the prices, including those from the master variant.

  • Changes to Spree::Stock::Estimator

    • The package passed to Spree::Stock::Estimator#shipping_rates must have its shipment assigned and that shipment must have its order assigned. This is needed for some upcoming tax work in to calculate taxes correctly.
    • no longer accepts an order argument. The order will be fetched from the shipment.

  • Removed Spree::Stock::Coordinator#packages from the public interface.

    This will allow us to refactor more easily.

  • Removed pre_tax_amount column from line item and shipment tables

    This column was previously used as a caching column in the process of calculating VATs. Its value should have been (but wasn't) always the same as discounted_amount - included_tax_total. It's been replaced with a method that does just that. #941

  • Renamed return item pre_tax_amount column to amount

    The naming and functioning of this column was inconsistent with how shipments and line items work: In those models, the base from which we calculate everything is the amount. The ReturnItem now works just like a line item.

    Usability-wise, this change entails that for VAT countries, when creating a refund for an order including VAT, you now have to enter the amount you want to refund including VAT. This is what a backend user working with prices including tax would expect.

    For a non-VAT store, nothing changes except for the form field name, which now says Amount instead of Pre-tax-amount. You might want to adjust the i18n translation here, depending on your circumstances. #706

  • Removed Spree::BaseHelper#gemavailable? and Spree::BaseHelper#currentspree_page?

    Both these methods were untested and not appropriate code to be in core. If you need these methods please pull them into your app. #710.

  • Fixed a bug where toggling 'show only complete order' on/off was not showing all orders. #749

  • ffaker has been updated to version 2.x

    This version changes the namespace from Faker:: to FFaker::

  • versioncake has been updated to version 3.x

    This version uses a rack middleware to determine the version, uses a different header name, and has some configuration changes.

    You probably need to add this to your controller specs.

    More information is available in the VersionCake README

  • Bootstrap 4.0.0-alpha.2 is included into the admin.

  • Pagination now uses an admin-specific kaminari theme, which uses the bootstrap4 styles. If you have a custom admin page with pagination you can use this style with the following.

    <%= paginate @collection, theme: "solidus_admin" %>
  • Settings configuration menu has been replaced with groups of tabs at the top

    • Settings pages were grouped into related partials as outlined in #634
    • Partials are rendered on pages owned by the partials as tabs as a top bar
    • Admin-nav has a sub-menu for the settings now
  • Lists of classes in configuration (config.spree.calculators, spree.spree.calculators, etc.) are now stored internally as strings and constantized when accessed. This allows these classes to be reloaded in development mode and loaded later in the boot process. #1203