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Solidus 2.0.0 and 1.4.0

Sep 29, 2016 • John Hawthorn

2.0 on github 2.0.0 on rubygems

1.4 on github 1.4.0 on rubygems

Solidus versions 2.0.0 and 1.4.0 are out!

Solidus 2.0.0 is our first release supporting Rails 5. See the Rails documentation on how to upgrade to Rails 5.

Solidus 1.4.x will be our last minor release series on Rails 4.2. To ease upgrades to Rails 5, 1.4.0 and 2.0.0 share almost the same code, with the only changes between the two versions being Rails 5 related.

A big thanks to everyone who contributed code or feedback to make these these releases great.

Solidus 1.4.0 changelog

  • Use in-memory objects in OrderUpdater and related areas.

    Solidus now uses in-memory data for updating orders in and around OrderUpdater. E.g. if an order already has order.line_items loaded into memory when OrderUpdater is run then it will use that information rather than requerying the database for it. This should help performance and makes some upcoming refactoring easier.

    Warning: If you bypass ActiveRecord while making updates to your orders you run the risk of generating invalid data. Example:

    order.line_items.update_all(price: ...)

    Will now result in incorrect calculations in OrderUpdater because the line items will not be refetched.

    In particular, when creating adjustments, you should always create the adjustment using the adjustable relationship.

    Good example:

    line_item.adjustments.create!(source: tax_rate, ...)

    Bad examples:

    tax_rate.adjustments.create!(adjustable: line_item, ...)
    Spree::Adjustment.create!(adjustable: line_item, source: tax_rate, ...)

    We try to detect the latter examples and repair the in-memory objects (with a deprecation warning) but you should ensure that your code is keeping the adjustable's in-memory associations up to date. Custom promotion actions are an area likely to have this issue.

  • Make some 'wallet' behavior configurable

    NOTE: Order#persist_user_credit_card has been renamed to Order#add_payment_sources_to_wallet. If you are overriding persist_user_credit_card you need to update your code.

    The following extension points have been added for customizing 'wallet' behavior.

    • Spree::Config.add_payment_sources_to_wallet_class
    • Spree::Config.default_payment_builder_class

  • Backend: UI, Remove icons from buttons and tabs

  • Backend: Deprecate args/options that add icons to buttons

  • Update Rules::Taxon/Product handling of invalid match policies

    Rules::Taxon and Rules::Product now require valid match_policy values. Please ensure that all your Taxon and Product Rules have valid match_policy values.

  • Fix default value for Spree::Promotion::Rules::Taxon preferred_match_policy.

    Previously this was defaulting to nil, which was sometimes interpreted as 'none'.

  • Deprecate Spree::Shipment#address (column renamed)

    Spree::Shipment#address was not actually being used for anything in particular, so the association has been deprecated and delegated to Spree::Order#ship_address instead. The database column has been renamed spree_shipments.deprecated_address_id.

  • Coupon code application has been separated from the Continue button on the Payment checkout page

    • JavaScript for it has been moved from address.js into its own spree/frontend/checkout/coupon-code
    • Numerous small nuisances have been fixed #1090
  • Allow filtering orders by store when multiple stores are present. #1149

  • Remove unused user_id column from PromotionRule. #1259

  • Removed "Clear cache" button from the admin #1275

  • Adjustments and totals are no longer updated when saving a Shipment or LineItem.

    Previously adjustments and total columns were updated after saving a Shipment or LineItem. This was unnecessary since it didn't update the order totals, and running order.update! would recalculate the adjustments and totals again.

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