Solidus 2.0.0 and 1.4.0

2.0 on github 2.0.0 on rubygems

1.4 on github 1.4.0 on rubygems

Solidus versions 2.0.0 and 1.4.0 are out!

Solidus 2.0.0 is our first release supporting Rails 5. See the Rails documentation on how to upgrade to Rails 5.

Solidus 1.4.x will be our last minor release series on Rails 4.2. To ease upgrades to Rails 5, 1.4.0 and 2.0.0 share almost the same code, with the only changes between the two versions being Rails 5 related.

A big thanks to everyone who contributed code or feedback to make these these releases great.

Solidus 1.4.0 changelog

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