Solidus contributor Jordan Brough

The Solidus core team would like to publicly thank and acknowledge Jordan Brough for his contributions to both the Solidus community and the codebase over the past few years. Jordan has been dedicated to working with Solidus since its inception back in 2013 when Jordan helped migrate a large fashion-based company from Spree to Solidus.

Solidus contributor Jordan Brough

Motivated by the benefits and potential of open source, Jordan began contributing to what now amounts to an impressive 331 commits in the Solidus Github repository. However, before his work with the Spree and Solidus open source platforms, 99% of Jordan’s code was written for closed source platforms. The switch from closed to open source software has allowed him to experience firsthand the value of open source platforms for companies needing a custom store and the ability to grow without the limits of a packaged product.

Jordan found his next career move when his current employer, Lost My Name, advertised for an open source ecommerce champion. Jordan’s current role as tech lead finds him guiding his team in best practices and encouraging them to contribute back to the Solidus platform.

Within the Solidus community, Jordan enjoys the teamwork and the feedback he receives. “You see all these pull requests and bug reports coming in from all over the world, from different types of companies. It helps me understand other’s perspectives and make better software.” Jordan is primarily focussed on the Solidus backend, improving tax integration, US taxes, and payment methods.

When he’s not on his computer, Jordan practices his unicycling and inspires his five children to be active and enjoy the outdoors in their beautiful home state of Utah. Jordan has worked remotely for most of his career and finds that lunches with his family help to balance his focussed work ethic.

You can find Jordan on Slack as jordan and Github as jordan-brough.

Thank you Jordan for your involvement in the Solidus community!

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