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Solidus 2.1.0

Jan 17, 2017 • John Hawthorn

2.1.0 on github 2.1.0 on rubygems

I'm happy to announce the release of Solidus 2.1.0!

An exciting change in this release is taxes are now always fully recalculated on an order.update!. order.create_tax_charge! is no longer required! We hope that this is simpler for developers and should help us better support external tax services in the future.

Also notable in this release the removal of methods which were deprecated before Solidus 1.4. We've also extracted solidus_prototype and solidus_trackers into separate extensions.


  • The OrderUpdater (as used by order.update!) now fully updates taxes.

    Previously there were two different ways taxes were calculated: a "full" and a "quick" calculation. The full calculation was performed with order.create_tax_charge! and would determine which tax rates applied and add taxes to items. The "quick" calculation was performed as part of an order update, and would only update the tax amounts on existing line items with taxes.

    Now order.update! will perform the full calculation every time. order.create_tax_charge! is now deprecated and has been made equivalent to order.update!.


  • ItemAdjustments has been merged into the OrderUpdater

    The previous behaviour between these two classes was to iterate over each item calculating promotions, taxes, and totals for each before moving on to the next item. To better support external tax services, we now calculate promotions for all items, followed by taxes for all items, etc.


  • Make frontend prices depend on store.cart_tax_country_iso

    Prices in the frontend now depend on store.cart_tax_country_iso instead of Spree::Config.admin_vat_country_iso.


  • Deprecate methods related to Spree::Order#tax_zone

    We're not using Spree::Order#tax_zone, Spree::Zone.default_tax, Spree::Zone.match, or Spree::Zone#contains? in our code base anymore. They will be removed soon. Please use Spree::Order#tax_address, Spree::Zone.for_address, and Spree::Zone.include?, respectively, instead.


  • Product Prototypes have been removed from Solidus itself.

    The new solidus_prototype extension provides the existing functionality. #1517

  • Analytics trackers have been removed from Solidus itself.

    The new solidus_trackers extension provides the existing functionality. #1438

  • Bootstrap row and column classes have replaced the legacy skeleton classes throughout the admin. #1484

  • Remove currency from line items.

    It's no longer allowed to have line items with different currencies on the same order. This makes storing the currency on line items redundant, since it will always be considered the same as the order currency.

    It will raise an exception if a line item with the wrong currency is added.

    This change also deletes the currency database field (String) from the line_items table, since it will not be used anymore.


  • Add Spree::Promotion#remove_from and Spree::PromotionAction#remove_from

    This will allow promotions to be removed from orders and allows promotion actions to define how to reverse their side effects on an order.

    For now PromotionAction provides a default remove_from method, with a deprecation warning that subclasses should define their own remove_from method.


  • Remove is_default boolean from Spree::Price model

    This boolean used to mean "the price to be used". With the new pricing architecture introduced in 1.3, it is now redundant and can be reduced to an order clause in the currently valid prices scope.


  • Remove callback Spree::LineItem.after_create :update_tax_charge

    Any code that creates LineItems outside the context of OrderContents should ensure that it calls order.update! after doing so.


  • Mark Spree::Tax::ItemAdjuster as api-private #1463

  • Updated Credit Card brand server-side detection regex to support more brands and MasterCard's new BIN range. #1477

    Note: Most stores will be using client-side detection which was updated in Solidus 1.2

  • CreditCard's verification_value field is now converted to a string and has whitespace removed on assignment instead of before validations.

  • The lastname field on Address is now optional. #1369

  • The admin prices listings page now shows master and variant prices seperately. This changes @prices to @master_prices and @variant_prices in prices_controller


  • Admin javascript assets are now individually required using sprockets directives instead of using require_tree. This should fix issues where JS assets could not be overridden in applications. #1613

  • The admin has an improved image upload interface with drag and drop. #1553

  • PaymentMethod's display_on column has been replaced with available_to_users and available_to_admin. The existing attributes and scopes have been deprecated.


  • ShippingMethod's display_on column has been replaced with available_to_users. The existing attributes and scopes have been deprecated.


  • Added experimental Spree::Config.tax_adjuster_class

    To allow easier customization of tax calculation in extensions or applications.

    This API is experimental and is likely to change in a future version.


  • Removals

    • Removed deprecated STYLE_image helpers from BaseHelper #1623

    • Removed deprecated method Spree::TaxRate.adjust (not to be confused with Spree::TaxRate#adjust) in favor of Spree::Config.tax_adjuster_class.


    • Removed deprecated method Promotion#expired? in favor of Promotion#inactive?


    • Removed nested attribute helpers generate_template, generate_html, and remove_nested. Also removes some javascript bound to selectors .remove, a[id*=nested].

    • Removed accept_alert and dismiss_alert from CapybaraExt. accept_alert is now a capybara builtin (that we were overriding) and dismiss_alert can be replaced with dismiss_prompt.

    • Removed deprecated delegate_belongs_to

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