SolidusConf 2017 Speaker Tal Oron

SolidusConf Speaker Tal Oron

Please give us a quick introduction for those who don't know you

Hey, I'm Tal Oron, one of the co-founders of Lost My Name. I'm the techy co-founder, now in charge of overall operations. I'm an ex-product manager, product marketer. I hold a BSc in Computer Science and a Masters in Business. I work about 16 hours a day. Mostly with the TV on.

What do you use Solidus for?

When we started Lost My Name we were lacking ecommerce experience. We were using Stripe’s out-of-the-box model for transactions and our database was simple enough (customers, products, orders). While this was working for a while, we quickly realized that we were talking for way too long on the basic concepts of ecommerce, and we were just reinventing the wheel. We tapped into Solidus in order to get things out of the box. We've been running our ecommerce back-end ever since.

What is your talk going to be about?

I'll be talking about our entrepreneurial story rather than go deep into technology decisions. There would be way more capable people from Lost My Name, shedding light on those.

What are you most looking forward to at SolidusConf?

I'd like to see the community face to face, the people who are working day in day out on Solidus. I'd like to discuss how we make sure we develop the platform to be extensible. I'd like to see more people working together on mutual problems in ecommerce and I'd like to find someone to take on documenting Solidus. Ohh, and beer.

Do you have any other plans for London?

I live in London. Lost My Name is located here, so my plan for London is to make sure everyone feels welcome. If anyone would like to visit our product studio, I'd love for them to come by.

Can you give us a bit of background on Lost My Name for anyone not familiar with the company?

Lost My Name is on a journey to empower grown-ups to make magical, memorable connections with a child. In practice, we're a full-stack publishing start-up which conceive, create, produce, market, manufacture and supply never-possible-before books for children. We started 3.5 years ago and we've sold 2.7 million books in that time.

Why did you decide to help co-host SolidusConf this year?

As I said before, we tapped into the crowd knowledge using Spree and then Solidus, when we didn't have that knowledge ourselves. We're looking to support the community just like it supported us. We're currently employing one of the core members of Solidus (Jordan Brough) full time, and co-hosting signifies our commitment to the project.

Great thank-you for taking the time to speak with us!

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