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Solidusconf 2017 Speaker Ryan Moriarty

Apr 26, 2017 • Gregor MacDougall

Solidusconf 2017 Speaker Ryan Moriarty

First off could you give a quick introduction to yourself?

Sure, I'm Ryan Moriarty, Head of Business Intelligence at Lost My Name. I joined about 10 months ago to set up the BI team here. My background is exclusively in analytics roles; most recently digital, across a range of industries.

What does your average work day look like?

Manic! We organize the week so that the operational leadership meetings are at the start of the week. These meetings set the business priorities for the week, from which I can plan my team's time.

Where we get busy in BI is that we support all of the teams here now. So, as much as we try to plan the workload, there's always something new that another team has started that needs our input. It keeps us busy, but also keeps the work varied which we like.

Do you have any particular direct involvement with your implementation of Solidus?

Not directly, no. We're "customers" of the data it provides, which, in turn, we add additional "business value" to it and make it available for everyone that needs it.

That makes sense. Could you give us an overview of what your SolidusConf talk is going to be about?

It's about how we're using data at Lost My Name to make better decisions. That's a fairly common topic for an ecommerce business, but I think what makes us interesting is the way we use data to inform creative processes, marketing, and website testing, etc. For example, we use data to inform the future product roadmap, and what improvements we can make to our existing products in order for them to sell more.

What else are you looking forward to at the conference?

Seeing how other people are using Solidus to power their ecommerce platforms. Particularly, what data capturing and reporting capabilities are being used.

For any foreigners coming to the UK, what activities would you recommend for someone who has never been before?

Great question! If the weather is nice, I would definitely recommend a tour along the Thames as a quick way of seeing lots of the sites! Followed by a lunch from one of the excellent street food stalls at Borough Market (London Bridge station).

Thanks for answering my questions! Did you have anything else that you wanted to mention before we wrap up?

Thanks Gregor, no all good for me! Looking forward to meeting you all.

Thanks for your time

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