SolidusConf 2017 Hack Days

A picture from the Hackdays in 2016

On May 22nd and May 23rd, we're inviting you to the Solidus Conference Center for two days of hacking on the Solidus platform or your own code.

The Solidus Core Team will be present in full, ready to review your Pull Requests or help you with your issue or extension.

Learning from last year's pre-conference Hack Days, we've set ourselves three goals for this year:

The SolidusConf Hack Day Issue Label

We have gone through the list of issues on Github and selected those that we think are actionable and solvable by one developer in two days under the SolidusConf Hack Day issue label.

If you want to get your feet wet with contributing to Solidus Core or any of the Solidus extensions, you can either look at the global issue list or navigate on Github to any of the repositories in question and filter by the SolidusConf Hack Day label. Pick an issue and start working on it!

Of course, if you would like to tackle the issue before May 22nd, these issues can be solved before that as well. Chances are we'll find more actionable items!

If you're an extension maintainer on Solidus Contrib, you can help us by tagging more issues that are actionable and solvable in two days. Adding the label will add visibility to your extension and give Hack Day participants more stuff to choose from.


Code is important, but good documentation is what grows a community. Look for issues tagged with the documentation label to see how you can help here.

Inline YARD docs

We'd love more YARD docs on our methods! Here's a cheat sheet for the uninitated.

Porting Developer Guides

Much of the Spree developer guides apply to Solidus as well. Help developers starting out with Solidus by figuring out where they don't and contribute ported guides to the core repository's guides directory.

Improve User Guides

Ash Kamel has ported the Spree User guides (the docs for Store Admins) to Solidus under the Solidus Guides repository. We'd like to add them to the core web site, but they need to be revised and checked for correctness and neat screenshots.

Code of Conduct

Like the rest of the conference, the Hack Days have a Code of Conduct.

To hack on Solidus together with the core team, get your tickets today!

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