Solidusconf 2017 Speaker Denis Sellu

solidusconf speaker denis sellu

Please give us a short introduction to yourself for those who don’t know you

My name is Denis Sellu, I live in Bristol and work for CookiesHQ.

What sort of work do you do there?

I work there as a full stack dev. My work varies from day to day; from supporting clients to building new apps and technologies.

Cookies HQ is an agency where we have plenty of clients, which means different problems to solve everyday.

How long have you been working with ecommerce?

On and off for 5 years before my time at CookiesHQ, and since then for about 1.5 years.

Has most of that been in Spree/Solidus or have you done other things?

It's been a mix between mostly custom solutions like Magento - when I worked with PHP, and a touch of WoocCommerce.

Can you give us a quick brief on what your SolidusConf talk is going to be about?

I decided to talk about an element of ecommerce that is sometimes overlooked, but just as important. I'll be talking about how important Analytics is and the simple things you can do to start implementing it in your application. So basically how to harness analytics to better understand your customers and lead to better conversions.

That sounds like something we're all looking for. Do you have any good stories about a case where you've used this recently to make some good decisions?

Most of the work we do is for clients and they choose the business directions. We provide the right tools and data for them to be able to do so. I can't go into specifics as we are still working with the clients and they have ongoing campaigns, however the work that inspired the talk would be a great example. They had built an MVP app and was successfully funded to develop a more feature rich version and we were tasked with the job of doing so. We used Segment and tracked and sent events to a few analytics/marketing tools like Intercom and Google Analytics. Using all the data they are able to see every inch of their customer behaviour. Now the features we are planning on adding are centered around the data that was received from analytics.

What else are you looking forward to at SolidusConf?

I'm looking forward to the hack days. It will allow me to learn more about Solidus.

What should the non-Brit's coming to the UK for the first time consider doing while in London?

I actually grew up in outer London. I always find that a great way to enjoy a place is finding a good pub to mingle with the locals. If they have a day to spend I would suggest taking a tour of the very beautiful city - lots to see.

I’m sure I'm not the only one who's curious about your picture on the conference website. Any story there?

Haha, it was the company day out and it's just one of the many embarrassing poses I made that day.

Sounds like your team has a good time. Is there anything else you wanted to mention before we wrap up?

It was, we had fun! Nothing more except I'm very excited about the talk.

Glad to hear it. Thanks for your time.

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