Solidusconf 2017 Speaker Clarke Brunsdon

solidusconf speaker clarke brunsdon

Please give us a quick introduction for those who don't know you

I'm one of the Solidus core team members and one of the founders of Stembolt. I've been a developer for the last 17 years, though nowadays I write more emails than code.

What do you use Solidus for?

At Stembolt we use Solidus on all of our projects. We split it up between new "greenfield" stores, stores we're upgrading from Spree, and stores that we're migrating from other platforms. I think we are involved in about a dozen Solidus stores at any given time.

What is your talk going to be about?

I'll be giving a Solidus "state of the union." I'll talk a bit about what has been accomplished since the last Solidus conference, where we are, and where we're going.

What are you most looking forward to at SolidusConf?

The hack days. There is nothing like sitting in a room full of developers that have all the same problems, questions, and concerns as you and ask them about how they've approached a problem and what kinds of solutions came up. The hack days are a fantastic, unstructured time to get to know new people, or work with people that you rarely get to see "IRL."

Do you have any other plans for London?

I'll be making the "nerd pilgrimage" with some of my co-workers to the Doctor Who museum in Cardiff. I've already called shotgun on getting to make the "it's bigger on the inside!?" comment when entering the tardis.

Thanks for your time!

Looking forward to it!

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