The New

You may have noticed that we rolled out a brand new look and feel to last month. We wanted a new site that better communicates Solidus' strengths as a platform. We hope that you agree that the new branding is more meaningful than what the old site offered.

Better Messaging

What is the meaning we want to convey? Solidus enables you to build modern, full-featured ecommerce stores that scale. The old Solidus site was written by developers for developers. We still need to tell developers how Solidus can benefit them. But we realized that developers need help selling Solidus to non-developers.

We needed to start showing decision makers how the Solidus platform can benefit their company. So why not make a site that speaks to both the decision makers and the developers?

Messaging for decision makers or developers

And highlighting the kinds of information that developers already know and business people might be happy to learn. Solidus is free, forever. Developers love Solidus and actively contribute to it.

GitHub springboard and annual sales widgets

But really, most of our time went into making all of the words we use to describe Solidus clear and to the point:

Better Docs

In addition to, we've just launched the Solidus Guides for developers.

Solidus includes a lot of functionality, and until now there hasn't been a good way to help developers who are new to Solidus, or new to ecommerce, get a handle on accessing all of its power.

Solidus Guides article

We still have lots of work to do. More documentation is being added regularly, and in the next phase we'll be adding guides for end users (like your customer support team!), too.

New Colors

We picked a new, more muted color palette for the Solidus brand. Right now, both and the Solidus Guides share this new color palette. We will be rolling out the new branding to the Solidus admin interface and other Solidus properties, too.

New Solidus brand colors

The new colors communicate professionalism, openness, and stability: values that we know good business people share with the Solidus platform.

While colors are just a small part of the overall message, we want to look attractive to both developers and the people making the business decisions.

What's Next?

Development on Solidus continues, and we're still investing in the Solidus documentation and community.

Now that we are better equipped to share Solidus with the world, the most important thing is everything we say about Solidus remains true: Solidus is a stable, scalable, extensible ecommerce platform that gives everyone complete control of their stores.