Solidus 2.8.0

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Announcing Solidus 2.8.0

Thanks to all contributors, testers, and users who made this release possible.

Major Changes

Added Api::CouponCodesController#destroy endpoint

A new endpoint has been added to Solidus API. It allows to remove a coupon code from an order. It has currently no backend or frontend implementation but it's common for custom stores to require it.

Moved Reports into an extension

We removed the reports section from admin to an extension. If you use it you have to add it back manually by adding

gem 'solidus_reports', github: "solidusio-contrib/solidus_reports"

Add a store credit reasons UI in Admin

The only way to manage store credit reasons was via console or using a data migration.

Skip forgery protection in api controllers

Rails is now enabling forgery protection by default so we need to explicitly disable it for api requests, as described here:

This PR also enables forgery protection by default in the specs dummy app so that we can really test that the api code is working in a real Rails 5.2+ environment.

Add a Gallery to handle variants and products images

All images that we send to the view layer is now using these classes that contain the logic to retrieve images and are easier to extend. If you have a lot of customization on how you display images you probably need to take a look at how this has been implemented.

Replace jquery_ujs with rails-ujs

This is the Rails standard now. There could be some action required, depending on if the manifest provided by solidus has been changed. Please read the PR description for more info.

Removed code from Spree::Promotion

Previously Solidus used code column on spree_promotions to add a code to promotions that could be used as coupon code by users. This is no more a thing since we support multiple coupon codes associated to a single promotion.

This change is important because it's quite common for old stores to have some promotion with code field still present in the database, even if it's not used. When performing the migration present in this PR it will raise an exception if there are records in the spree_promotions table with that field present. It's up to each store to understand how to handle this scenario before running this migration. We also provide other two ways to handle this, and users can just change the migration after it has been copied into their store. It's just matter of changing the content of the RemoveCodeFromSpreePromotions.promotions_with_code_handler method and make it return one of the following:

Alternatively users can create their own class to handle data and return that class. The new class could inherit from PromotionsWithCodeHandler and should respond to call.







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