Solidus v2.9

Thanks to all contributors, testers, and users who made this release possible.

This version's support will end in 18 months: 2021-01-16.

What's changed?

Full changelog can be found on our GitHub repository but here's a list of major changes:

Admin UI restyle

Solidus has a fresh Admin UI! Your eyes will thank you and this would not impact your store but if you added some custom CSS that matches the old Admin UI, you probaly have to make some change at it now.

New REST API documentation

Our REST API is now documented using the Open API Specification. The documentation is part of the repository and published on

Added Spree::Event

Solidus now includes an event library that allows to use different adapters. The default adapter is based on ActiveSupport::Notifications library. Events should allow developers to customize and extend Solidus behavior more easily by simply subscribing to certain events. Sending emails may be a simple use case for this new feature.

Attachment adapters

This is the first step to support other files attachment libraries since Paperclip is no more maintained. Solidus will release the ActiveStorage support in core in the next releases or via an extension.

Add more fields to the API json response for shipments

This change adds more fields to the API endpoints that return a shipment object. We had two partials to represent shipments: small and big but some of the small fields were not present in the big partial. Now they are aligned but users that were using those partials could notice some difference in how the API endpoints involved respond.

Deprecate resetspreepreferences in test

Changing preferences and resetting them after any example is not a good practice and it's error-prone. The new standard is stubbing preferences and it's enforced with a deprecation of resetspreepreferences. This way we can gradually align stores and extensions.

Changed payment method partials name convention

Payment methods partials filename are now expected to be the Spree::PaymentMethod class underscored instead of downcased. This means that, for example, for Spree::PaymentMethod::StoreCredit the corresponding partial files would be named _store_credit and not _storecredit. If you overrode one of the following files, you should rename it now:

api/app/views/spree/api/payments/source_views/_storecredit.json.jbuilder → api/app/views/spree/api/payments/source_views/_store_credit.json.jbuilder
backend/app/views/spree/admin/payments/source_forms/_storecredit.html.erb → backend/app/views/spree/admin/payments/source_forms/_store_credit.html.erb
backend/app/views/spree/admin/payments/source_views/_storecredit.html.erb → backend/app/views/spree/admin/payments/source_views/_store_credit.html.erb

Also, if you've built your own payment method you may need to change the corresponding partials filename.

Fix non thread safe gateway initialization

ActiveMerchant::Billing::Base.mode is a global ActiveMerchant preference and we were setting it into each payment gateway initialization. This means that if the last instantiated payment method's mode was different from the other ones, the last one's mode will be applied to all of them. To fix this issue we changed how we tell ActiveMerchant that one gateway is in test mode. Please double check your production configuration for payment methods: only payment methods where server preference set to production and test_mode turned off will work in "production" mode.

Remove name from default ransackable attributes

Ransack needs a whitelist of attributes to perform a search against for security reasons. We used to whitelist id and name for all the models but not all models have the name attribute/column making ransack search raise an error. If you have a custom model and you are performing search against its name, now you have to manually add it to the ransackable whitelist for that resource.

Changes to how returns are processed from a return item

It you are programmatically calling Spree::ReturnItem#process_inventory_unit! please notice that it doesn't automatically process return anymore. To remove the deprecation warning you have to set an attribute on your return_item instance before calling process_inventory_unit!:

return_item.skip_customer_return_processing = true
# here you should process the customer return manually