SolidusConf 2019 Speaker Jen Luker

Introducing SolidusConf Speaker Jen Luker

We’re proud to announce that Jen Luker will be joining us as a speaker for SolidusConf 2019.

Jen Luker is a Sr. Frontend Engineer, conference speaker, and BookBytes podcast co-host. She has spent the majority of her career as a full-stack developer using PHP, Javascript, and CSS, but has a particular fondness for frontend technologies. She is an advocate for both accessibility, and processes that make doing the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard. When she's not exploring solutions, learning new technologies, or reading, Jen's spare time is spent spinning yarn from raw wool and knitting; she's even been known to 3D print her own tools for the job. She is also fascinated by all things space, and IoT.

Building Accessible Careers

There has been a huge push for accessibility to be part of external websites, but what about the internal tools we use every day? Jen will go over the reasons internal accessibility is important, where to start, and how small improvements can have a big impact on increasing diversity in our workplaces.

See Jen speak at SolidusConf 2019