SolidusConf 2019 Speaker Ernesto Tagwerker

Introducing SolidusConf Speaker Ernesto Tagwerker

We’re proud to announce that Ernesto Tagwerker will be joining us as a speaker for SolidusConf 2019.

Ernesto is the Founder of Ombu Labs, a small software development company dedicated to building lean code. When he is not obsessively playing table tennis or chess, he likes to maintain a few Ruby gems including database_cleaner and email-spec. He is passionate about writing less code, launching minimal products, coaching entrepreneurs, contributing to open source, and eating empanadas.

Escaping The Tar Pit

Nobody wants to inherit a project that reeks but here we are: Stuck in the tar pit. How can we get out? Could we have avoided it in the first place? In this talk you will learn how to use a few, great Ruby gems that will guide you out of that sticky tar you are in.

See Ernesto speak at SolidusConf 2019