SolidusConf 2019 Speaker Taylor Scott

Introducing SolidusConf Speaker Taylor Scott

We’re proud to announce that Taylor Scott will be joining us as a speaker for SolidusConf 2019.

Taylor Scott is currently a Senior Software Engineer working for Deseret Book. His current role involves working with Elasticsearch to provide logging, metrics, and front-end search. This also extends to DevOps creating CI pipelines and ensuring reliable testing and deployment. Last but not least, he works on creating many features for Deseret Book which integrate with the Solidus platform.

When he's not "on the line" researching new technologies and solutions, he's making the World of warcraft a better place. he's also the very proud parent of an obese cat named Fred who also happens to be his alarm clock in the morning.

Taking Solidus From Development to Production

This talk is focused on deploying a Solidus application to a multi-container environment on Elasticbeanstalk in AWS. The stack is a rails application running beside an nginx web server. This will all be executed through GitLab CI but other CI platforms will be similar.

See Taylor speak at SolidusConf 2019