Solidus Community Day

Introducing Solidus Community Day!

In an effort to bring the amazing Solidus community together more often, we’re setting up a 100% free Solidus Community Day on June 12th, where you’ll be able to talk about the current state of Solidus, the future of Solidus, or just meet & network with eCommerce industry experts. We’ll also have speaker sessions where you’ll be able to hear from Solidus experts about any number of topics.

This month, we’ve got Solidus expert Peter Berkenbosch. Peter is an open source eCommerce veteran working with Spree and Solidus frameworks for over a decade, specialized in bridging customers, leadership and development in providing high quality eCommerce stacks. He's a CXOps enthusiast, and passionate in building technology teams and empower them to be the best.

Peter is going to talk about solidus_dev_support and how it supports devs. He'll be generating an extension from scratch and highlighting the features that come out of the box with solidus_dev_support.

We’re hoping to make this a monthly event, so we hope you’ll join us in making this Solidus Community Day a success. You can sign up here - we hope to see you there!