Solidus Roadmap Update: Q2 2020

Hello again, Solidus community! Here we are, with our usual roadmap update — this time, it's the Q2 2020 edition. We have tons of exciting news for you, so buckle your seat belts!

Now available: data importer, content and GraphQL!

Last Friday marked the initial releases of three huge projects that we've been working on for the last months:

  • solidus_importer: if you've ever worked on importing large amounts of data into Solidus (e.g. for a replatform), you know how repetitive and error-prone the process can be. Our shiny new data importer, compatible with most major eCommerce platforms, should make that much easier! Did we mention it's fully extensible?
  • solidus_content: Solidus finally has an omakase solution for content management. If you need to integrate with Contentful, Prismic, Alchemy or any other content management solution, you can use solidus_content to streamline the process and create a nice backend UI to manage content. Check it out!
  • solidus_graphql_api: the GraphQL API marks the beginning of a new era of headless eCommerce for Solidus. It's now feature-complete and ready to see some production traffic. If you're starting a new headless architecture with Solidus, you should definitely give it a try — and don't forget to leave feedback!

Back in business: Klarna and solidus_subscriptions

In addition to releasing the new extensions, we also worked hard to bring home and polish some popular community-maintained extensions:

  • solidus_klarna_payments: originally developed by @josetonyp and @robinboening, this extension adds support for Klarna, a popular payment gateway in Europe. The authors were kind enough to let us move the code to solidusio-contrib, where the community gave it new life and made it compatible with the latest Solidus releases.
  • solidus_subscriptions: originally developed by Stembolt for Goby, our subscriptions extension hadn't seen much love in a while. Things are much better now: the extension has been updated, tons of new features have been implemented and tons more are coming.

To Q3 and beyond!

We have so much in store (pun intended) for the next months.

In Q3, we will continue to iterate on the extensions we have released, based on community feedback and any requirements and edgde cases that emerge from production usage.

However, we won't just rest on our laurels: the next quarter is also when we'll focus on our omnichannel strategy, making it easier than ever to keep your Solidus catalog in sync with major platforms such as Amazon, Facebook and Instagram.

We'll also continue working on extendability, improving Solidus' event-driven architecture, and on enabling support for the latest frontend technologies through our Next.js starter kit.

Finally, we'll complete and publish our new developer guides, which will not only lower the barrier of entry for becoming a Solidus developer, but also shine a new light on many of Solidus' lesser-known features and capabilities.

As always: thank you! 🙇‍

We can't stress this enough: thank you, thank you, thank you. To everyone who's helped with their contributions, both technical and financial, to everyone who's given us feedback and to everyone who's shared their appreciation for the community's work. You drive us forward and bring out the best in us.

Stay tuned for updates via our blog and newsletter, and reach out on Slack if you have any questions, want to help, or just feel the urge to share some love!

Let's continue shaping the future of eCommerce — free, open-source and community-driven.