SolidusConf 2020 Speaker Jared Norman

Introducing SolidusConf Speaker Jared Norman

We’re proud to announce that Jared Norman will be joining us as a speaker for SolidusConf 2020.

Jared Norman is an experienced Rubyist, bad hockey player, devoted metalhead, and the founder of Super Good Software, an agency specializing in Solidus/Spree, e-commerce, and Ruby on Rails.

The Agile Fluency Model and eCommerce

Many Agile organizations are just going through the motions of their chosen process. Jared will walk us through how the Agile Fluency Model applies to eCommerce businesses and how they can use it to discover where they should focus to reap the real benefits of Agile methodologies.

See Jared speak at SolidusConf 2020