SolidusConf 2020 Speaker Edwin Cruz

Introducing SolidusConf Speaker Edwin Cruz

We’re proud to announce that Edwin Cruz will be joining us as a speaker for SolidusConf 2020.

Edwin is co-founders and CTO at MagmaLabs, a company that specializes in Ruby on Rails and Solidus. When management tasks are over, it is time for some pair programming, find and fix performance issues, or improve open-source software. Edwin also attends conferences as an attendee or speaker, organize code retreats, and has one of the most demanding jobs, raising two kids with his wife.

Marketplace on Solidus, Helping Local Businesses

Edwin will share how he leveraged existing open source projects such as Solidus and the Solidus Marketplace extension to create a portal where the main goal is to help local businesses to deal with the fact that they needed to sell their products and services online in order to have better chance to survive.

See Edwin speak at SolidusConf 2020