SolidusConf 2020 Presenter Taylor Scott

Introducing SolidusConf Speaker Taylor Scott

We’re proud to announce that Taylor Scott will be joining us as a presenter for SolidusConf 2020.

Taylor Scott is a Software Engineer at Sendoso. He has been working with Solidus for a few years, specializing in integrating Elasticsearch, custom payment methods, as well as building a physical and digital subscription service. On the line, you can find him playing games such as CoD, Elder Scrolls, and Hearts of Iron.

The 5 W's of Application Logging

Often times when we write are logs we only include the “what” and “when”. Taylor would like to talk to us about getting the most of our application logging by discussing the importance of the “Who”, “Where”, and “why”. Having logs without context can be just as bad as no logs at all.

See Taylor speak at SolidusConf 2020