SolidusConf 2020 Presenter Richard Gilbert

Introducing SolidusConf Speaker Richard Gilbert

We’re proud to announce that Richard Gilbert will be joining us as a presenter for SolidusConf 2020.

Richard Gilbert heads systems integrator partnerships for PayPal for the last two years. Richard has been managing partnerships for much of his career, previously running strategic partnership for Payoneer, a cross border payments company, Infusionsoft, where he launched Infusionsoft Payments through partnership and running co-marketing partnerships for Google’s SMB Marketing Team.

E-Commerce & Consumer Financing Opportunities

Consumers choose and spend more with merchants that offer consumer financing alternatives. Increase conversion rates and grow your average order value by offering more payment options. We will share statistics and approaches merchants can use to offer consumer financing solutions and why merchants should aggressively consider consumer financing strategies.

See Richard speak at SolidusConf 2020