This Month in Solidus: April 2021

Here's your monthly dose of This Month in Solidus! Keep reading to learn everything that happened in the Solidus world this April.

Solidus 3.0.0 Has Been Released!

That's right — Solidus 3.0.0 is finally out!

This release has been months in the making, and it removes all the code that was deprecated in the 2.x series.

A big thanks to everyone who worked on it and to those who helped us get it across the finish line by giving us feedback and testing the release candidate and the upgrade process on their store. It was a long process, but we can now start with a clean slate to continue iterating on the framework.

In fact, we're already hard at work on features for the next releases, so stay tuned!

Subscriptions Is Now Officially Stable!

After months of testing it on different production apps, we were finally comfortable enough to release solidus_subscriptions 1.0.0 — so we did just that.

If you have used or are using the previous version of the extension, this new release will feel like a completely new piece of software, and for very good reasons! We removed and simplified tons of code, while also adding even more features and extension points for aspects that developers often want to customize.

Today, we can pride ourselves with having one of the most powerful and flexible subscriptions engines available. If you're building a subscription-based business, it would be crazy not to give it a try.

Upcoming DX Improvements: Better Events, Smoother Upgrades, and More!

As I said, we're already hard at work for Solidus 3.1 and beyond.

Our focus for the 3.x series is two-fold:

  • On one hand, we want to continue improving the Developer Experience of adopting, integrating and maintaining Solidus. By giving you sensible defaults, battle-tested best practices and powerful development tools, using Solidus should be a no-brainer.
  • On the other, we also want to continue investing in solving big eCommerce challenges, so we'll continue to work on subscriptions, and... something else, but we're not quite ready to share that with you just yet. We'll keep you posted!

You can see some of this work on GitHub already, and we'll continue to share it with you in the upcoming weeks and months in our Slack, on our blog and through our newsletter.

In the meantime, let us know if you have any feedback or ideas to share with us, and we'll see you all again very soon!

Have a great week! 👋️