This Month in Solidus: May 2021

Hello everyone, and welcome to This Month in Solidus: May 2021 edition!

Solidus <-> ShipStation 1.0.0 Is Out!

After extensive production testing, we're finally happy to release the first stable version of solidus_shipstation!

Our ShipStation integration supports both the legacy XML integration as well as the new, more powerful ShipStation API. It uses a smart batch-syncing mechanism to work around ShipStation's low rate limits, which allows it to sync up to 4000 orders/minute via the API, and it supports webhooks to sync tracking information back to Solidus.

We've been using the extension in production in a few different stores with great success, so feel free to go ahead and give it a try!

Pro-tip: Combine solidusshipstation with solidus_easypost to gain complete ownership of your post-purchase experience and fulfillment process!_

Solidus Now Supports Ruby 3

We have recently introduced Ruby 3 support!

While this was a pretty low-lift initiative on our side, it enables all Solidus users to benefit from all the latest improvements to the language, and paves the way for a more modern Solidus ecosystem!

A Goodie for Docker Fans...

If you like developing with Docker and missed Docker support in Solidus, cry no more! You can now boot up the codebase with as little as docker-compose up, thanks to our new Docker Compose support.

We hope this will make it even easier to contribute to Solidus for new and experienced users alike!

...And a Few More for Everyone Else!

The community has also been hard at work on a few improvements and bugfixes:

  • Stock location sorting had been inadvertently broken in a previous change, but Ikraam Ghoor from Nebulab was kind enough to fix it! Thanks, Ikraam!
  • The ItemTotal promo rule is now easier to extend and customize, thanks to Elia Schito from Nebulab!
  • API attributes have been moved to a configuration option, which makes it easier to customize them without running into any autoloading issues. Thanks to Stefano Nada from Nebulab!
  • In rare cases, it was possible for two store credit instances to have the same authorization code, if they were generated at very close moments in time. This was fixed by Andrea Longhi from Nebulab!
  • A validation on customer returns would break when the return did not have any items. This isn't the case anymore, thanks to Willian Veiga!
  • A bug was preventing admins from setting the reason for return items. The issue was found and fixed by Andrea Longhi from Nebulab!

That's it for this month! We'll see you in 30 day, stronger, faster and with more updates!

Spend an awesome Tuesday! 👋️