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Open Source Ecommerce Done Right

Meet Solidus. An open source, ecommerce platform for high volume, complex storefronts. Built with Ruby on Rails, this mountable engine provides a scalable, stable, and highly customizable platform for online commerce.

Driven by Experience
Developed and maintained by ecommerce experts, Solidus is continually improved through the knowledge and talent of its open source contributors.
Confidently scale your store to any size without compromising on performance.
Smart Solutions to Unique Problems
One size does not fit all. Solidus is a flexible solution that caters to the individual needs of your business.

Solidus is a Fork of Spree Commerce

We liked the Spree platform, but were unable to fix the problems we saw were preventing the platform from being its best. In 2014 we decided that the only successful path forward depended on forking (taking a copy of the code) and improving it independent of Spree Commerce.

Solidus aims to differentiate itself with high quality, secure, scalable code in every commit. Solidus is built for professionally-developed, high transaction stores with customized workflows.

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Solidus is Trusted by High Volume, Complex Storefronts

Technical Goals & Plans

Our fork will focus on fixing the pain points we've experienced in our years of developing against Spree.

Open Source You Can Trust

Code integrity is the top priority. All pull-requests are reviewed by multiple contributors and verified by our test suite before being merged into the project to ensure a clean and stable codebase.

Easy Extensibility

No more class_eval. Well defined extension points allow for safe and simple customizations while still ensuring smooth upgrades from one version to the next.

More Secure

We're committed to improving the security of all stores, from introducing a configurable role permissions system to fixing vulnerabilities, which are announced on the solidus-security mailing list.

API Stability

We intend to introduce clearly defined and stable APIs (both HTTP and ruby) which won't change or go away.

Take the Easy Path

A clear and straightforward migration path has been created to move existing Spree stores onto the Solidus platform with ease. Read our versioning guidelines for details.

This Is Our Business Too

Our core contributors rely on Solidus every day. We are as much invested in its success as anyone can be and will continue to be the most active supporters and contributors of the project.

Meet the Solidus Core Contributors

Solidus is backed and developed primarily by Stembolt, Nebulab, and Wonderbly. All three companies have leveraged the Solidus platform to build large ecommerce stores while contributing back to the open source project.