Notice something different? Meet the new Solidus brand!


It’s time for a marketplace platform from this century.

Marketplaces are tough to crack—your marketplace platform shouldn’t be. Drive revenue and help your merchants succeed with Solidus’ native marketplace features and third-party integrations.


Millions of products, just one click away.

Product merchandising is one of the toughest problems to solve in marketplaces. Solidus allows you to manage marketplace-scale catalogs without going crazy.

Catalog segmentation

Slice and dice your SKUs with rich product taxonomies, and surface the right products to the right customers with powerful personalization.

Advanced search

Increase your add-to-cart rate with full-text and predictive search across categories, products, and content—all for a magical discovery experience.

Merchant storefronts

Let your merchants shine with unique storefronts that tell their brand stories and empower them to connect with customers in ways never seen before.

Checkout & Payments

Everyone deserves a beautiful checkout.

Your customers shouldn't have to pay the cost of marketplace complexity. Give them the DTC checkout experience they love, and let Solidus deal with the hard stuff.

Mixed carts

Let customers purchase products from different merchants in the same order, and split shipments at checkout for accurate delivery costs and estimates.

Automatic taxation

Marketplace taxes can get very tricky, very fast. Use our official integrations for seamless and accurate tax calculation, collection and remittance.

Managed payouts

Integrate with our marketplace-ready PSPs and allow merchants to request payouts manually, or send funds automatically on a schedule.


Centralize or delegate to your heart’s content.

No two marketplaces are alike. With Solidus, you can easily decide how much control you want to retain, and how much you want to give your merchants.

Merchant dashboard

Give your merchants access to the entire Solidus dashboard, or just the pieces you want, and build custom sections with our rich UI kit.

Granular permissions

Control who can see what with our fine-grained permission management system, and allow merchants to create custom roles for their internal teams.

Flexible fulfillment

Act as a 3PL for your merchants or let them fulfill their own products, and switch fulfillment models on a per-merchant basis for maximum flexibility.