Notice something different? Meet the new Solidus brand!


Enterprise-grade maturity. Startup-grade velocity.

Solidus was built to support billions in revenue, while still enabling your brand to move at lightning speed. Launch, test, and evolve your eCommerce experience with no limits or compromises.


Never take “no” for an answer.

With Solidus, you can customize every aspect of your eCommerce experience, no matter how complex your customer journeys or business workflows.

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Solidus Cloud

Much more than SaaS.

Solidus Cloud is the eCommerce solution that gives you all the power of a custom build, and none of the overhead.

Unlimited usage

Create and manage millions of products, variants, and promotions, no matter how sophisticated. We will take whatever you throw at us.

Accessible pricing

Your brand shouldn’t be punished for scaling. Ditch the revenue fees and choose Solidus Cloud’s resource-based pricing model.

24/7 support

Sleep safe and sound with round-the-clock phone and email support for your business critical workflows, included in all Enterprise Cloud plans.

Complete control

With our open architecture, you retain the benefits of a SaaS solution, while still being able to customize your store down to every single detail.

Open integrations

Use tens of native integrations, customize them to fit your needs, or write your own from scratch and run them in our infrastructure.

Data ownership

Maintain ownership over all your data, and plug analytics and BI solutions directly into your Solidus Cloud instance for real-time reporting.


Get the best of all worlds, all the time.

Monolithic, headless, composable, self-hosted, SaaS… why not have it all? With Solidus, your technical architecture adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

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Deployment freedom

Handle everything in-house with the DYI Edition, or let us take care of infrastructure, maintenance, and security with Solidus Cloud.

Composable stack

Combine the benefits of monolithic and composable solutions by gradually decoupling only the pieces of your stack that you’ve outgrown.

Open APIs

Through our REST and GraphQL APIs, you can access every feature of the platform, and even expose your own custom API endpoints.

“Solidus has evolved with our business over the years, and continues to do so as we begin a comprehensive rearchitecture of our eCommerce platform.”


Robert Zablit

Senior Engineer at MeUndies