Notice something different? Meet the new Solidus brand!

Direct to Consumer

Break through the noise with customer-centric eCommerce.

Consumers are tired of brand websites that all look the same. Leave behind cookie-cutter eCommerce platforms and deliver a shopping experience they can tell their friends about.


Merchandise in ways never seen before.

Your brand is unique—your shopping experience should reflect that. With Solidus, you can advertise your products in ways you didn’t think possible, driving incremental revenue and repeat purchases.

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Bespoke promotions

Percentage discounts and free shipping are so old school. Build bespoke promotions that engage your customers at a deeper level.

Personalized discovery

Use quizzes and customer purchase histories to power personalized product discovery flows that boost your CVR and AOV.

B2B support

Reuse parts of your DTC site or build a completely separate journey, and offer your B2B customers a shopping experience from this century.

Checkout & Payments

Unleash your checkout’s full potential.

Other platforms limit your ability to customize the checkout flow; we give you the keys to the kingdom. Experiment as much as you want with our open checkout and discover novel ways to scale your brand.

Discover our Checkout

One-click offers

The sky’s the limit with our open checkout. Offer personalized, one-click upsells and cross-sells before, during and after purchase.


Integrate with any payment method and offer different options based on attributes such as the customer's cart, location or purchase history.

Open analytics

Install third-party pixels and analytics tools in your checkout flow to track customer engagement and identify points of friction at every step.

“Solidus has evolved with our business over the years, and continues to do so as we begin a comprehensive rearchitecture of our eCommerce platform.”


Robert Zablit

Senior Engineer at MeUndies


Forget about “app spaghetti.”

Traditional platforms are a tangled mess of apps and workarounds. If you struggle with your apps and integrations not talking to each other, you’ll love how Solidus brings everything under one roof.

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Extensible dashboard

Our admin dashboard is open for modification. Build custom workflows for your marketing, fulfillment and customer support teams.

Powerful integrations

Our integrations are built to give you a head start, not to get in the way. Configure them in minutes and tweak them to fit your brand’s needs.

Data ownership

Maintain full control over the data you collect through your website and third-party integrations, and build custom reports to answer your questions.


Put an end to your growing pains.

Solidus was built to support large-scale brands throughout their entire journey: whether you’re making thousands, millions, or billions of dollars, Solidus will grow with you and adapt to your evolving needs.

Learn about Enterprise

Flexible architecture

Headless eCommerce is mighty but complex. Start with the simplicity of a traditional frontend and transition to headless only when you really need it.

Easy decoupling

Kick things off in hours with our in-house eCommerce stack. As you grow, switch seamlessly to an external PIM, OMS, WMS or ERP.

Worldwide access

Sell in one country, sell in a hundred, it doesn't matter. From pricing to stock to fulfillment, Solidus has the primitives you need for global scale.