Notice something different? Meet the new Solidus brand!


Deliver subscriptions your customers love to use.

Consumers are on a subscription cancelation spree. Stand out from your competitors with a beautiful, user-friendly experience that elevates your brand and boosts your LTV.


Do much more than subscribe-and-save.

Subscriptions shouldn’t be boring. Customize our subscription engine to support your brand’s unique business model, no matter how sophisticated.

Product curation

Shipping different products every month? Not a problem. Set up virtual products that are expanded at fulfillment according to customer preferences and stock availability.

Build Your Own Box

Got adventurous customers? Allow them to personalize their subscriptions according to predefined constraints such as pricing, weight, or dimensions. No hacks required.

Native promotions

Stop worrying about discounts that don’t play well with subscriptions. Solidus' promotion engine is fully integrated with subscriptions, for ultimate marketing power.


Increase your options, not your costs.

You shouldn’t have to give up your mental sanity when launching a subscription business. Solidus’ subscription engine is fully integrated with the rest of the platform—and comes at no additional cost.


Solidus subscriptions support gateways out of the box. Let your customers subscribe with a digital wallet or local payment method.

Store credit

Solidus' native store credit works out of the box with subscriptions. You can decide when and how store credit applies to subscription orders.

No extra fees

No one should pay 1% of their revenue to launch subscriptions. With Solidus, subscriptions are free to use—just like the rest of the platform.

“Solidus offers Goby the flexibility we need to meet our ever-growing demands. The ability to fully customize our site has been a meaningful driver of our growth.”

Ben Goldberg, CEO at Goby

Ben Goldberg

CEO at Goby

Customer Dashboard

Build a dashboard that moves the needle.

Subscription dashboards are an underrated vehicle for customer retention and organic referrals. With Solidus’ open architecture, you can build a customer dashboard that drives real business results.

Loyalty programs

Reward customers however you want for submitting referrals, staying loyal to your brand, or anything else—all integrated with your dashboard.

Cancelation alternatives

Optimize retention by offering customers cancelation alternatives tailored to their subscription and purchase history.

Smart dunning

Save subscribers before it’s too late with smart retries, and offer customers one-click fixes for the most common subscription charge failures.