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Solidus is the eCommerce platform for brands that dont fit the mold. Get started in hours with our rich set of features, and stand out from your competitors with our fully extensible architecture.

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“Solidus offers Goby the flexibility we need to meet our ever-growing demands. The ability to fully customize our site has been a meaningful driver of our growth.”

Ben Goldberg, CEO at Goby

Ben Goldberg

CEO at Goby

The Solidus difference

The only platform that grows with you—from zero to billions.


Use our beautiful starter theme, powerful admin dashboard and third-party vendor integrations to get your store up and running in just a few hours.

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Tweak every aspect of your store thanks to our open architecture. With Solidus, there are literally no limits to what you can accomplish.

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Future-proof your business. With the ability to gradually decouple your stack, you can scale to billions while continuing to move blazing fast.

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Full eCommerce freedom—across all industries and business models.


Big player with big needs?

Solidus provides enterprise brands with the power of bespoke eCommerce and the convenience of a fully hosted solution.


An ecosystem shaped by a decade of eCommerce success.


Use zero- and first-party data to power personalized discovery experiences, launch irresistible one-click upsells and cross-sells, or inspire your customers by blending commerce and content.


Use our native subscription engine to implement sophisticated business models such as curated boxes, and ship a subscription experience that keeps your customers coming back.


Experience the freedom of the most powerful promotion system ever found on an eCommerce platform. Implement your custom promotion logic to drive incremental revenue and engagement.


Translate and localize every single aspect of your store, from your content to your fulfillment providers and payment methods, to minimize costs and maximize conversions.

“We sell millions of personalized books all over the world. Solidus allows us to manage this complexity while giving us the power to customize where needed.”

Robert Watts, CTO at Wonderbly

Robert Watts

CTO at Wonderbly