Solidus Governance

There's a lot of history behind Solidus, and long-time users already have a good understanding of who is behind and cares for the platform and its future.

We know this is not enough: we want to empower developers and businesses with all the information they need to evaluate Solidus as the foundation for their store. That's why we have just published a document explaining our governance model.

The power of Solidus lies in the diversity of its community and the passion they put into improving the software. These individuals and companies are the ones that design the future of Solidus every day. They are freelancers, consultancies, retailers, open-source enthusiasts or simply aficionados. They have different skills, interests and responsibilities.

Without further ado, let’s see all the players in the Solidus game!

Project Director

At present, Nebulab is the main code contributor and director of Solidus.

They provide technical guidance and coordinate community efforts and activities.

Core Team

The Core Team is a group of individuals who are committed to maintaining the project from a technical perspective for the long term. Their main goal is to continuously deliver value to the community through their work and the work of all contributors.

Here are some of the tasks they are responsible for:

  • implementing new features;
  • identifying and fixing bugs;
  • triaging issues;
  • reviewing and merging pull requests;
  • providing support via Slack and other channels;
  • improving the documentation;
  • providing technical feedback and guidance to contributors;
  • coordinating the work of contributors;
  • maintaining the code, documentation, and tools.


Like many open source projects, Solidus lives thanks to the donations of our amazing community.

In order to be completely transparent towards the community, we chose Open Collective as our platform for collecting and spending donations. This helps us keep the project running while at the same time keeping you informed on the latest developments and how your money is being spent.

If you're an agency, being a donor also entitles you to become a Solidus partner. If you're interested, head over to the Partners page on our website to learn more about partners.


Stakeholders are members of the Solidus community who have a strong interest in the future of Solidus. This group includes retailers, agencies and long-term friends of the project.

They coordinate and contribute to Solidus usually in non-technical ways, for instance by choosing what conferences to attend or organize, by identifying marketing opportunities or by deciding how to use the funds in Open Collective.

Future-proof governance

This structure is what makes Solidus unique. We love it because it allows us to hear all the voices in the community when making decisions. In case one of the entities involved can no longer take care of the project, the governance structure can be reshaped to guarantee Solidus’ survival.

If you want to know more, take a look at the full GOVERNANCE document published on our GitHub repository.