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Announcing Solidus Release Policy

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Solidus Core Team

26 Oct 2022 - 1 min read

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Community is Solidus' most important asset. As you already know, we put a lot of effort into keeping a high developer experience during upgrades for new releases. We know it's always difficult for teams to prioritize them, and programmers often need to carve out time from nowhere. Because of that, backward compatibility is one of our topmost priorities: we always try our best not to break anything.

Nonetheless, we reckon we haven't been consistent on the timing for those releases. That had made some folks wonder when that loved new feature or when the latest Rails version would be officially integrated. Definitely, that's something that doesn't help to plan upgrades.

We want to improve there. Because of that, we discussed and agreed on a release policy that we hope will help the community prepare for Solidus upgrades. As always in Open Source, resources are limited, but we're confident that this self-inflicted pressure will help us to keep pace with your expectations.

Please, read the whole document on our site, but if you're tight on time, here are the principal takeaways:

  • A quarterly new minor release.
  • Major releases should not be more than two years apart.
  • Patch releases at every backported fix.

Share your ideas. Please, don't think twice about reaching out to us on our Slack workspace, and let us know any suggestions or concerns you might have. We're here to make your experience with the most customizable e-commerce platform as pleasurable as possible!