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18 Aug 2022 - 6 mins read

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We've just released Solidus v3.2.0!

Thanks to all contributors, testers, and users who made this release possible.

This version's support will end in 18 months: 2024-02-18.

What's next?

We're listening to developers all around the globe to make Solidus the best e-commerce platform for you. That makes us aware of the areas we need to improve, so expect a lot of work in:

  • Making extensions first-class in the Solidus ecosystem.
  • Improving the design of our core logic with a better service layer.
  • Writing the documentation that you need to read.

What changed on Solidus 3.2

Here's what changed in the last released version. If you have any trouble updating or you want to leave some feedback, please use this GitHub Discussion.

Major changes

New Event Bus

A completely new Event Bus has been introduced. It has better support for async subscribers, testability, observability, and many other features. It's been developed as a separated gem, omnes. Check its README for everything it supports!

Don't forget to consult the upgrade guide from the legacy event system to omnes.

While the legacy event system is still supported, it'll be removed on Solidus v4.

New Solidus' starter frontend

For fresh Solidus applications, we now recommend you use solidus_starter_frontend.

solidus_frontend will be removed from the solidus meta-package gem in Solidus v4. Furthermore, its code has been extracted from to Once removed, you'll need to explicitly add solidus_frontend to your Gemfile in order to continue using it.

Meanwhile, the Solidus installer allows you to choose which one you want to use as the storefront.

New guides

The guides that used to live at solidusio/solidus have been deprecated. You can still find them at, but a great effort is in progress to make first-class documentation on

You can check them live in

Other important changes

No more autoload of decorators in fresh applications

New Solidus applications won't autoload files matching app/**/*_decorator*.rb pattern anymore. For previous Solidus applications, it's something that will keep working as the responsible code was added to your config/application.rb when Solidus was installed. That code is intended to work with Rails' classic autoloader, deprecated on Rails 6 and removed on Rails 7. It keeps working because of a compatibility layer which is also deprecated. However, it may be eventually removed, so you're better off updating your application.rb file. You should substitute:

config.to_prepare do
  Dir.glob(Rails.root.join('app/**/*_decorator*.rb')) do |path|


overrides = "#{Rails.root}/app/overrides" # use your actual directory here
config.to_prepare do
  Dir.glob("#{overrides}/**/*_decorator*.rb").each do |override|
    load override

You may also want to stop using the decorator naming, as it's no longer part of Solidus recommendations (that files are monkey patches; they don't use the decorator pattern). E.g., you can place those files in app/overrides/ and remove the decorator suffix.

Updated 2022-08-18: If you have deface as one of your dependencies, the app/overrides path interferes with the directory it uses to load its overrides. To avoid double-loading and other issues, you should use a different directory. A good candidate could be app/monkey_patches.

Changes to the promotion system

Promotions with a match_policy of any are deprecated. If you have promotions with such a match policy, try running the following rake task:

bin/rake solidus:split_promotions_with_any_match_policy

This will create separate promotions for each of the rules of your promotions with any match policy, which should have the same outcome for customers.

Creating new promotions with any match policy is turned off by default. If you still want to create promotions like that (knowing they will not be supported in the future), you can set a temporary flag in your config/initializers/spree.rb file:

# Allow creating new promotions with an `any` match policy. Unsupported in the future.
config.allow_promotions_any_match_policy = true

Static preference sources configured within .to_prepare blocks

Rails 7 no longer supports referring autoloadable classes within an initializer.

Because of that, we need to change the way we configure static preference sources.


# config/initializers/spree.rb
Spree.config do |config|
    server: Rails.env.production? ? 'production' : 'test',
    test_mode: !Rails.env.production?


# config/initializers/spree.rb
Rails.application.config.to_prepare do
    server: Rails.env.production? ? 'production' : 'test',
    test_mode: !Rails.env.production?

Other Changes

But there's also a lot of other stuff in this release! If you want to see the full list of the changes made, plase take a look at the project's CHANGELOG on GitHub.