Made for complex storefronts.

When you choose Solidus, you never have to change your platform again. Solidus can flex, adjust and extend as you deliver your customers a personalized shopping experience all day, every day.

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Our open source code works for you.


Our team of core developers review all community code submissions for quality. You only receive production-ready releases and features.


Solidus provides timely security patches when vulnerabilities are discovered. Updates are easy to patch and available for multiple versions of Solidus.


Our free, open source codebase is built for high-volume stores: it loads quickly to handle your sales and spikes in traffic with ease.

All the features.

Solidus offers essential ecommerce features out of the box. Take what you need, leave what you don’t, then fine-tune the rest to meet the needs of your store.


Inventory management

Manage your incoming and outgoing inventory across multiple warehouses and storefronts. It’s easy to update and monitor your product stock as your business grows.

Product management

Add products and create variants based on product attributes or user-collected data. Create searchable product lists. Even add metadata to products such as a manufacturer number.

Taxonomy management

Organize your products using custom categories and subcategories. Give your categories customer-friendly names on the front-end. Your products can belong to any number of categories.


Customize anything with the Solidus API. Build an API-based frontend, a single-page application or dynamic elements that don't require page reloads.

Fully customizable front-end

Build your storefronts exactly the way that your marketing team designed it. No more shoehorning your brand into restrictive themes.


Manage your stores across multiple storefronts from one convenient admin, regardless of differing currencies or shipping solutions.

Tax calculations

Calculate taxes for each country, state, or custom zone that you ship to. The built-in tax calculator is flexible and extensible, which means that it can handle all your complex rates and tax categories.

Payment integrations

Choose from dozens of payment processing services like Braintree, Stripe and PayPal. Our extensions support hundreds of payment methods used internationally. Including Apple Pay.


Create promotions with a variety of built-in rules and actions. Offer discounts on large orders, referral discount codes, free products based on purchase history and other, more complex promotions.

Subscription support

Offer subscription payments for individual products and services in your ecommerce store with definable start or end dates and fully customizable payment periods.

Store credit

Grant store credit to your customers as gifts or reimbursements. Store credit becomes an additional payment option that can be applied after taxes on any future order.

Order management

Streamline your order fulfillment. See customer carts, shipments, promotions, returns and payment information in one location. Easily resend purchase or shipping confirmation emails or make payment adjustments after a sale.

Multi-carrier shipping

Provide multiple shipping options at checkout. Offer free shipping, flat- or percentage-based rates. Buy postage, request real-time carrier rates and shop around with shipping extensions.

Returns and exchanges

Make returns and exchanges hassle-free for your customers as well as your customer service team. Manage every aspect of these transactions and keep them clearly documented.

User permissions

Limit access to any part of the Solidus admin interface. Create and assign multiple roles for each user. Restrict sales data, site settings or editing functionality for any section individually.

Customer management

View your customers’ lifetime stats – including their total number of orders, address changes, store credit amount and more.


View sales reports directly in the admin interface. Connect with a reports solution you already use like Looker or RJ Metrics and streamline your analytics. See our extensions to quickly hook into Google Analytics, too.

All the freedom.

Some stores just don’t fit the mold – that’s where Solidus shines. An open-source codebase with extension points built into all critical intersections means you can build anything else you might need. Your ecommerce experience becomes absolutely limitless.

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