Health and Beauty

Beautiful eCommerce for beauty brands.

Create the shopping experience you’ve been craving with an eCommerce platform that gives you unparalleled flexibility.

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Health and Beauty

Solidus powers the Health and Beauty brands that are defining the future of eCommerce.

Omnichannel eCommerce

Become that brand that’s everywhere.

With social media being such a critical channel for beauty brands, you can’t miss the chance to become a part of your user’s feed. Use Solidus to export your product catalog for the major social platforms and get in front of your customers even when they’re not thinking about you. And with our open architecture, be the first to explore new channels.

User generated content
Product reviews & UGC

Turn customers into advocates, just like that.

As a Health and Beauty brand, social proof is central to your success. By giving you full control over customer data, Solidus lets you integrate with any third-party UGC service or even implement your own solution. And once you have your users’ feedback, you can use it wherever you want, however you want. It’s data freedom at its finest.

Brand centered experience
Content management

Promote content beyond your blog.

With one of the most flexible content management solutions on the market and full-blown REST and GraphQL APIs, Solidus allows you to rethink how you produce content and how your customers consume it. Turn content into an organic part of your shopping experience and capitalize on the opportunity to engage with your customers anywhere, any time.


Go from “once” to “once a month.”

Create a subscription-based model that has your brand all over it by customizing each and every aspect of the buyer’s journey. Custom subscription configurators, promotions and subscription bundles, a fully customizable fulfillment system... Stop worrying about what your commerce platform can do — start doing it instead.

Join the brands that are changing the future of eCommerce.

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