The power of experience.
The flexibility of open source.

Your eCommerce platform should expand your capabilities, not limit them. Solidus comes with plenty of integrations that will save you a ton of development time.


Choosing the right payment gateway can make a huge difference in how many customers you reach. Subscriptions, local payment methods, split payments… The possibilities are endless.

With its clean and flexible payments architecture, Solidus allows you to make it happen with no hassle. The foundation is already there for you, all you have to do is choose what’s best for your company.

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With the right logistics partner, you can reach your buyers wherever they are. Optimize inventory allocation and costs, and maybe ship with Instagram-ready packaging that will make customers talk about you for weeks.

You can integrate with any provider, no matter their workflow, and even with multiple providers at once. Always use the right partner for the job, all while retaining full control over your data and customer experience.

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Collecting data and using it in meaningful ways can be challenging. Marketing and analytics tools help you generate useful insights that inform your business decisions and promotional campaigns.

Solidus has integrations for the best analytics and marketing tools, as well as a powerful event-based architecture to easily integrate new services.

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Let technology deal with your taxes, so that you can focus on your company. From up-and-coming startup to eCommerce behemoth, our integrations give you the peace of mind you need to build an awesome brand.

Every business is unique, and sometimes tax reporting can get convoluted. We know this, and we have made it dead-simple to customize the existing Solidus integrations or even build your own, if that’s what it takes.

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We’re not done yet.

We’ve just scratched the surface. Over the years, brands have integrated hundreds of services in their stores for the most disparate needs: advanced return processing, custom fraud detection, user-generated content, referral programs and a lot more.

Solidus allows your development team to quickly write integrations tailored to your unique needs that are stable and do the job, creating endless opportunities for you.

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