Solidus Partners.

Solidus Partners are Ruby on Rails and Solidus eCommerce experts from all around the world ready to give you everything you need to run and scale a successful online business.

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Solidus Partners

How a Solidus Partner can help you.


Our partners can help you migrate your store to Solidus from any other platform (Spree, Shopify, Magento, etc...) and make the whole process smooth and pain-free. They've got you covered!


Our partners can take care of the daily maintenance of your eCommerce website. From bug fix to speed optimization, they guarantee your online store to be always up-to-date, stable, reliable, and efficient.


It doesn't matter how specific your business needs are, our partners can customize your store to meet them and facilitate quick and efficient integrations with external services or other systems.

Find a Solidus Partner

Rely on one of our trusted partners is the best choice. Hire the partner you think that has the best package to suit your business' needs and culture.

Main Contributor & Director

As well as being the main code contributor, Nebulab takes care of coordinating community efforts and makes sure everything runs smoothly.


Back-End, Front-End, UX Design

Nebulab is a digital consulting company specialized in designing, developing, and maintaining high-quality eCommerce websites built with Solidus and Ruby on Rails applications. They mix passion and technology to give their clients the best the web has to offer to succeed!

  • Solidus eCommerce Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • QA & Workflow design


Super good

Spree and Solidus Specialists

Super Good is a software development agency specializing in ecommerce, Solidus, Ruby on Rails, and React.

Karma Creative

Ecommerce Experts in Solidus

Full-service custom digital agency focused on Solidus, eCommerce, SEO, and working with Karma in everything we do.


Boomer Digital

e-commerce, Mobile applications, DevOps, Software development

Boomer Digital is proud to be a partner. We love working with Solidus because of its flexibility!


Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, and Solidus Developers

MagmaLabs builds tailored software solutions to help companies execute their vision achieving quick turn-around.

Digital Reflow

Functional and focused web apps built on Ruby on Rails. Big fan of Solidus.

We’re a Digital Consultancy near London, England with an experienced team of developers, UI and UX designers building solutions in an agile way.


eCommerce specialist, Amazon AWS partner, Information factory

3llideas is an eCommerce specialist based in Barcelona (Spain). We help companies power their business and Solidus helps us to be agile.


e-Commerce, Ruby on Rails, Elixir, iOS, Android, UX/UI

We are a team of software engineers, designers and product managers building outstanding web and mobile applications for companies of all sizes.


Peter Berkenbosch Consultancy (PBC)

e-commerce consultancy

Peter Berkenbosch Consultancy (PBC) specialist in e-commerce consultancy, backend and integration development and CXOps.

wemove digital solutions GmbH

Webshop Development

Developing Webshops, Websites and GeoData/OpenData Applications.


eCommerce and web/mobile apps

A small and experienced team of developers that focuses on eCommerce, web and mobile apps, and automation.


Craftsmen of Rails, Elixir, JavaScript, and mobile apps

We like to customize e-commerce according to our customers’ needs and Solidus allows us to comply with any requirement.


Crafting great ideas with simplicity and effectiveness

We design, develop and launch digital products, fully integrated with existing company infrastructure.

Why become a Partner.

Solidus partnership program is your chance to present yourself as a Solidus expert and show your commitment to the project. With a financial contribution on Open Collective, you'll be listed on this page and have the opportunity to get in touch with promising clients.

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